Preveli Palm Beach

This excursion includes the visit of the beaches of Damnoni, Preveli and Plakias which are located in the southern part of Crete.

As we go to these beaches, crossing with our bus the wild Kourtaliotis Gorge, we stop to see the magnificent waterfalls and the springs of the little river Preveli. Then we head to the sandy beach of Damnoni where a ship will take us in approximately thirty minutes to the famous Palm Beach Preveli.

At the south end of the Kourtaliotis Gorge is located the Palm Beach Preveli, just at the mouth of the Preveli River. This place is unique because of its landscape. Behind the beach is a large clearing with palm trees. The beach is regularly visited by tourist boats from the nearby resort of Plakias. On 22 August 2010, a large part of the palm forest was destroyed by fire, but today is rapidly and completely regenerate naturally.

The combination of the huge vertical cliffs of the gorge, the river with the green water and the unique palm-tree forest creates a magical atmosphere. In that place where is rightly regarded as the most romantic beach of Crete, we will stay three hours where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea, enjoy the sun and the tranquility and if you want you can stroll through the exotic palm-tree forest.

Leaving the Palm Beach Preveli we go for traditional lunch and if you want for one more swim in the picturesque village of Plakias.

Returning to Rethymno, following a different route, we pass through the impressive Kotsifou Gorge and through some very old and very typical Cretan villages which are worth seeing.


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