Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos

Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos
Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos
Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos
Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos
Rethymno - Heraklion City - Knossos

This excursion takes you straight to the heart of the Minoan Crete. The palace of Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of the legendary King Minos.

First of all , this tour provides a 4 hour exploration of Heraklion city centre . You will have plenty of time to explore the city, capital of Crete Island . Then the coach travels to Knossos Palace , where you will stay for about 1 1/2 hour. 

An official escort will provide details and info of all sightseeing.

The ruins were discovered in the late 19th century and a massive excavation and partial reconstruction brought to light an enormous complex of over a 1000 interlocking rooms, which is probably the source of the well known legend of the labyrinth. During the excavations, a large number of objects were found and today are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion our next sightseeing place of this ttrip.

Here you will be able to admire the beautiful decorated pottery, delicate jewellery and semi - precious stones, parts of the colourful frescos and a variety of items used by kings and common people that will give to each visitor the extent of progress, achieved by one of the most importnat European Civilazations.


The price does not include:

  • The entrance to Knossos Palace (15 Euro) or the combined ticket to Knossos Palace and the Archaeological Museum (20 Euro)
  • Please keep your passport or ID card with you as there are ticket exemptions / discounts

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